Follow the simple steps below to display the pedigree of the Pug you're looking for. For breeding and other information, choose the "Breeding Info" link to show littermates and siblings once you have the individual dog you're interested in. Or choose the "Reverse Pedigree" link for a list of descendants from that dog.


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  • If you use slow search, entering "Pugville" will find all Pugs whose names contain the letters "Pugville", including all those containing "Pug" or "Ville" and also "Pugvilles". Slow search is more thorough and accurate.

  • If you use fast search, you must provide a full word (not a partial word) for matches to show up; for example, entering "Sheffield" will find all Pugs whose names contain the word "Sheffield" but would not find those whose names contain "Shef" or "She". For more successful searches, please use a word longer than 4 letters and omit any 's at the end.

  • If you use this database to create pedigrees for your own personal websites, please have the courtesy to include credits with links back to the Pug Pedigree Research Database - these details can be found at the bottom of each pedigree created. Do NOT link to the generated pedigree page, as it changes each time the database is updated.

  • If you want to search by Registration number only, then put then enter the Registration Number and ensure 'Slow Search' is selected.


   For reference purposes,
the COI (Coefficient Of Inbreeding) for a Brother x Sister mating is 25%.


Searches use the following database:

Pug Research Database  Over 38,800 pedigrees

   - Inbreeding levels are calculated for TEN generations

   - Search results are limited to 50 matches per search.


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If the ancestry is missing or wrong on any Pug and you know it then please fill in a Pedigree Submission Form; you are encouraged to inform us if there are any mistakes - please note documentation sources.

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