Memorable Pugs

Our fascination with history and information about the pug breed is what brought us to create the original pedigree database.Family relationships, lines which go back fifty years, they all started to show themselves with a little study. But the database also showed us a thing or two about the famous and infamous within the breed. We thought we'd spotlight them from this page, just as a bit of information. There won't be many, as the very nature is that the memorable dogs are unique and not the type of dogs you see every day.

A One Dog Difference

On the "about" page, there's a brief mention of how one dog and one breeding can make a difference for thousands of descendants. So many times we hear or read about people who say, "Just one litter won't make any difference," but that is simply not so. The number of single litters that produce yet another single litter and how those breedings continue is astonishing. You wonder, "How many people knew anything about their dogs, or the history behind their dogs, before they bred that one litter?" Click here for our best example.

How Much Winning Would A Woodchuck Have Won?

Sometimes a dog comes along who takes your breath away. Sometimes a dog comes along who's simply in the right place, at the right time. And sometimes, a dog comes along who has all those things going for him. Enter Ch. Dhandy's Favorite Woodchuck, or "Chucky" as most folks called him. Read more by clicking here.

What's A Dog Otto Do?

Otto wasn't one of the best known, or the most widely shown dogs, but he was a wonderful black imported to the United States from the Rydens kennel in England in the early 1960s. He certainly produced well, and is a factor in many many black pug pedigrees in the database. Click here to read about Otto.

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