About the Database

The PugPeds database started as part of a fascination with history and information. Pedigrees are a way to combine the two along with a heaping dose of information. Along the way, we've discovered the famous and infamous in the breed, the sad story and the happy ending. Every dog is an individual, and Pugs are certainly each unique in their own way.

What has always fascinated me is the ability of one dog and just one breeding to affect thousands of descendents later on. So many times people think, "Just one litter won't make any difference," but that is simply not so. The number of single litters that produce yet another single litter and how that continues is astonishing. You wonder, "How many people knew anything about their dogs, or the history behind their dogs, before they bred that one litter?" This site at least gives everyone an opportunity to learn.

What We Store and What We Display

The entire database is not actually online. In the entire database we attempt to store the following information if it has been made public or known to us:

  • Registered Name
  • Registration Number and Country of Registration
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Titles
  • Date of Birth
  • Breeder/s and Owner/s
  • Parents
  • DNA File Number
  • OFA and CERF Numbers
  • PDE Marker Status


We've tried to be straightforward in the database. ANYTHING with a questionmark [?] is doubtful or questionable or illegible on the original copy. Some older pedigrees are faded badly, or the writing is so difficult to read that we are simply uncertain what's been written. In two instances we have the name of a grandparent and a grandpup, but not the name of the generation between. In those cases, we have inserted a [Linking entry] for the purpose of continuing the pedigree. Registration numbers using the letters "LTR" are litter numbers, from back in the days when there were different litter and registration numbers. "EKC" or "UK" in the registration field denotes dogs registered in The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom. Names can and are duplicated, both within the American Kennel Club database and outside in other countries, and as best as possible we have differentiated by using the year of birth after the name of the dog, like this: Pug of Pugville [1922] along with attempting to identify the country or registry of origin.

We are aware of a number of entries that have had the trailing "s" or apostrophe-s "'s" left off of the kennel name. So if you are looking for a Pugville dog, be sure to try both "Pugville" and "Pugvilles" and "Pugville's" as well. Some people remove those letters from the kennel name for the sake of search simplicity. We are correcting those as we come to them. With a database of this size it is a daunting job.


We're often asked what software we use, and most know that we started our database using CompuPed when it was written and supported by Larry Ritter of Loveland, Colorado before his death. After that, we tried and tested about 90% of the available software, researching what was being seriously developed and supported. We settled on Breeders Assistant Software which is written and produced in the UK, but is extremely flexible and covers not only pedigree information, but also breeding and show records, health and history, as well as supporting photographs and flexibility in creating pedigrees.

Bests and Mosts

When you have information of this depth and breadth, there are always questions of "Who's the best?" and "What's the most . . .?" and from time to time we count them up. One thing to realize is that no one, no organization, no registry ever has ALL the information everyone wants. You never know that a breeder registered ALL the puppies in a litter, so you can't really know who produced a litter with the most champions in it. We do have a few bits of historic information, and have shared them to the best of our knowledge on our "Memorable Pugs" page. Feel free to suggest others for this section, with supporting information.


This collection could not have been created without much help and cooperation from many Pug breeders and owners. Louise Gore donated her personal box of historical records and paper pedigrees before her death, and Toni Harrold donated her mother Nell Gramigna's pedigree book. Philomena Doherty contributed greatly to the data, and this site and the database never would have truly come to fruition without Betty Weston working long and diligently to correct typing and spelling errors as well as giving her support and advise. There are many other pedigree-aholics who have shared their information with us as well, but those four are the foundation the database is built upon. In addition to their records, sources include the historic American Kennel Club stud books and show Award results, dog show catalogs, and Pug Talk magazine.


sweet George

This is for George. That's him, looking at you. This is for all the hours he patiently waited while I worked on this, waiting his turn for attention. Georgous George, George of the Jungle, Georgie-Porgie, we called him. He was beautiful, almost breathtakinginly so. And he had history behind him. LOTS of history. It was part of what allowed him to capture our hearts, and made us oh so very proud of him. But now when there's an "oops" and food gets dropped on the floor, someone else has to pick it up. No more pug vacuum cleaner trailing behind us. On those very late nights, when there's no pug at our feet or in our bed to warm us, I'd tell you how much we miss him, but it would never come close to how we feel. He knows, though. And he's really not gone, just out of sight.

Sleep well, Little Man. Play hard, run fast.

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