Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Find A Certain Pug?
Every Pug has not been entered into the Research Database. There are some Pugs who have never had their names published anywhere, so we would have no knowledge of their existance. Or, we simply have not gotten around to entering a specific Pug yet. Or, it's possible that there is a different spelling of one of the words in the name of the Pug you're looking for. Try searching on a specific, definitive word in the name, or leave off any trailing s or apostrophe - s.

Why Doesn't The Pug I've Found Have A Color/Birthdate/Registatration Number?
When a Pug is entered into the database, our source may not have anything more than the name of the individual Pug. We may know only that it is a sire or a dam of another Pug. Color is not entered unless we are certain it is correct. If you have further information to add to any animal, please use the "Additions" link at the top of the page to send it to us.

Why Does This Pug Say Fawn When I Know It is Apricot Fawn?
Genetically speaking, apricot fawn is fawn. All shades of "fawn" are just that, shades of fawn, and as such, it is more reliable to list them as fawn, rather than trying to determine if they are "fawn", "silver fawn", "apricot fawn", etc. especially as some dogs change color as they mature.

Using Slow Search Works, But Fast Search Doesn't Return Any Results. What's Wrong?
Most commonly, you've attempted to use more than one word while using Fast Search. Fast Search can only locate a single, full word. If you want to search for a partial word, or multiple words, you MUST use Slow Search.

Can You Search By Registration Number, Instead of By Name?
Yes. Searching by Registration number requires you to use Slow Search. In this database, the format for Registration numbers is TB123456/78 - we include the slash after the litter registration number to indicate the individuals within a litter.

How Do I Find More Information Once I Find A Specific Dog?
For breeding and other information, choose the "Breeding Info" link to show littermates and siblings once you have the individual dog you're interested in. Or choose the "Reverse Pedigree" link for a list of descendants from that dog.

I Sent My Dog In, Why Doesn't He Appear In The Database?
Normally it's because your dog is less than ten years old. Because of people taking information from this database and using it to illegally register dogs with some of the "alternative" dog registries, we have had to take the step of not displaying dogs of breeding age. We hope you understand and support our unwillingness to encourage puppy mill breeders.

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